U1511EA Series

Product Features

Universal voltage for varied applications

Hands free electric sensor provides easy operation

Low profile mounting

Dryers come with a 2 year limited warranty

Product Specs

Element: Industrial strength coil wound on mica support protected by temperature limit.

Circuitry: Infrared microprocessor control allows multi- voltage application.

Assembly: Dual blower wheel and housing made of engineered thermoplastics powered by thermally protected brush motor. Assembled on a plated steel base plate for maximum strength and durability.

Cover and Finish: U1511EA: Powder coated (white) formed steel alloy. Cover secured to base with theft resistant screws. U1511EA-SF: satin stainless steel cover.

Overall Size: 13”W x 10”H x 4”D Specifications:

Motor: 7500 RPM (Brushed motor)

Sound Level: 73 DB

Volts     Watts  Amps   Frequency
110-120  1800    15      50 hz or 60 hz
208-240  2400    10      50 hz or 60 hz

Installation Instruction

Coordinate installation with architect and contractor avoid interference with pipes, vents etc. Verify mounting height for each application for code compliance. Place template on wall surface and transfer mounting points, Drill holes for securing making sure power source is not be interrupted when base is installed, Remove cover. Unit must be installed by qualified licensed electricians. Properly connect power supply and test dryer for proper operation, Install cover and secure with theft resistant fasteners and test again. (15 second delay from when power is connected to when unit is operational)


Automatic ADA Compliant Hand Dryer, Universal Voltage - Surface Mounted

Technical documents