U1304 Series

Product Features

Fabricated of #18 gauge stainless steel with #4 satin finish

A refill indicator displays remaining product

Holds 56 fl oz. of liquid soap

Spout is finished with highly polished chrome on brass

Product Specs

Face Plate: Fabricated of #18 ga stainless steel with #4 satin finish, one piece construction with 1/2" returns to wall. Wall housing is fabricated of #22 ga pre-plated steel with 1/4" returns to wall for added rigidity. Soap capacity viewer is integral part of face plate.

Tank: Molded, translucent Lexon tank, shatterproof and corrosion resistant. Large opening for easy servicing and covered sides prevent spillage.

Valve: (U001U) Theft resistant chrome on brass all purpose bellows type soap valve, with chrome on brass hex nut. Neoprene seals and a stainless return spring will provide a pre-measured, drip free dispensing system. Valve cannot be removed without taking hex nut off.

Lock: Pin tumbler, commercial quality type lock is keyed like all other AJW cabinets.

Overall Size: 10"W x 6"H x 4 1/4"D 253mm x 152mm x 108mm

Wall Opening: 9 1/8"W x 5 1/16"H x 4"D 232mm x 129mm x 102mm

Capacity: 56 fl ounces

Installation Instruction

Coordinate installation with architect and contractor to avoid interference with pipes vents etc. in wall. Remove face plate and install wall housing into wall opening with proper fasteners per application. Fill soap tank with proper soap and install into housing. Secure face plate and prime valve for dispensing soap. 

Soaps: All purpose low viscosity lotions and liquid synthetic detergents or oils, and vegetable based soaps should be used. 

Preventative Maintenance: Each dispenser should be cleaned out aprx every 30 days with warm water to prevent sludge build up from clogging valve. Do not use abrasive cleaners when cleaning dispenser.  

**For best performance, use pre-mixed low concentrate solutions. Dispensers should have periodic maintenance performed to insure the life dispenser. Rinse out globe and valve with warm water to avoid sludge buildup.


56 oz Unidoor Horizontal Liquid Soap Dispenser - Recessed

Technical documents