Commercial Doors

Ampco by AJW has been manufacturing doors and frames since 1961. A network of national and international distributors market Ampco by AJW's family products. Ampco by AJW manufactures a wide variety of products to meet the needs of architects, distributors or builder-contractors. Products include Wood Veneer Doors, Plastic Laminate Doors, and Aluminum Adjustable Door frames.

In choosing Ampco by AJW door products, you can expect:

Quality Standards

AWI Section - 9
WDMA I.S.1A-11
ASTM E-152 Fire test of door assembly

Louvers and Glass Light Openings

Specify metal louvers, vision panel, moulding type and thickness. Maximum light openings: 1296 sq. in. for 20, 45 minute fire ratings. 100 sq. in. for 60, 90 minute fire rating. Maximum louver opening: None for 20 minute fire rating, 24?x 24? for 45, 60 and 90 minute fire rating.

Pre-fit Clearances

Mill option unless otherwise specified. Standard for all doors, 1/8? top, 5/8? bottom, singles width 1/4?, pairs 3/16?. Specify if other clearances required.

Standard Edge Construction

Standard edge construction for hinged doors, three degree bevel on hinge and lock edges. Specify other edge machining if required.


Standard methods will be used unless otherwise specified.


Standard methods will be used unless otherwise specified.

Lifetime Warranty

All solid core doors and frames manufactured by Ampco by AJW are warranted to be free from defects in materials and workmanship that would render them unserviceable or unfit for the use they were intended when properly stored, handled, and installed for the lifetime of the original installation. Manufacturer reserves the right to change manufacturing process or materials without notification. This limited warranty is subject to standard terms and conditions of the full warranty, copies of which are available on request.

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