Product Features

Spout is finished with highly polished chrome on brass

Globe is tanslucent, shatterproof and corrosion resistant molded polyethylene

Concealed mounting prevents tampering

Holds 16 oz. of liquid soap

Product Specs

Valve: Push-in valve is fabricated of chrome plated ABS material with stainless steel spring and check valve. Valve is located above fluid level to assure a drip free operation and dispenses a pre-measured amount of soap to prevent waste.

Housing: Fabricated of chrome plated brass.

Globe: Translucent, polyethylene, shatterproof globe that is corrosion resistant.

Wall Plate: Concealed heavy gauge steel plate.

Overall Size: 3 3/8"W x 6 3/4"H x 5 1/8"D 86mm x 171mm x 130mm

Capacity: 16 oz.

Installation Instruction

Provide a desired or specified location on wall surface. Place concealed wall plate at mounting location and transfer mounting points making sure plate is level. Drill pilot holes and secure with proper fasteners per application. There are two mounting screws to be used to secure housing at the bottom of the plate. After screws are in place, insert supply tube on valve under housing making sure notched end is at the bottom. Fill globe with proper soap and install onto housing. Prime dispenser to insure operation. 

*It is not recommended to mount any soap dispenser on mirrors
**For best performance, use pre-mixed low concentrated solutions. Dispensers should have periodic maintenance performed by rinsing out dispenser with warm water. This will avoid sludge buildup.

Preventative Maintenance: Each dispenser should be flushed out aprx every 30 days with warm water to prevent valve from clogging with old soap, Abrasive cleaners should not be used when wiping down dispenser.


16 oz ABS Liquid Soap Dispenser - Surface Mounted

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