AJW + Ampco: Better Together

Company News

We are excited to welcome Ampco to the AJW family.

On January 1, 2016, the Miami-headquartered partition and door manufacturer was acquired by AJW's parent company, Fifty Door Partners, LLC. All of Ampco's legacy product lines will be rebranded Ampco by AJW.

"Ampco has a reputation for quality and a service within the commercial building products industry, best-in-class manufacturing and distribution locations, and great people," said Christopher J. Hansen, Founder and CEO of Fifty Door Partners, LLC. "All of these things make it a good fit for us as we build momentum for the AJW brand."

Founded in 1961, Ampco started with one manufacturing plant in Miami, Florida. Over time, the company expanded its manufacturing presence nationally to include Texas and Washington State. Ampco's products, which will now to be branded Ampco by AJW, include a full line of commercial washroom partitions, architectural flush wood doors and aluminum frame systems.

"We're excited to add these additional manufacturing capabilities and product lines to our portfolio, as it allows us to expand the bundle of products and services we offer our customers," said Hansen.

This latest acquisition also gives AJW a broader manufacturing and distribution footprint, something Hansen says will save customers time and money.

According to Hansen, both organizations share a similar culture.

"Our mission, the combined mission of both AJW and Ampco, is to remain focused on the growth of our people, and drive continued improvement as a service company that happens to manufacture," he said.

"Our people and our customers are our top priority. Together, we are both truly focused on service."

Once a niche manufacturer of stainless steel washroom accessories, AJW has grown exponentially since it was acquired by Fifty Door Partners, LLC in 2008. Today, the company is one of the fastest growing American manufacturers of Division 10 commercial building products.

"We will continue to expand with our culture and valued customers as our focus," said Hansen.

Headquartered in New Windsor, New York, AJW currently operates five manufacturing and distribution locations across four states. The brand's product portfolio includes full lines of washroom accessories, visual display products, storage solutions, commercial wood doors and the most comprehensive line of toilet partitions in the industry.